Cloud-Based Virtual Machine

$29.00 / month and a $29.99 sign-up fee

Our virtual machine policy forbids us to allow over-allocation of our servers.  That means at all times there must be at least half of the resources remaining on the machine to keep overall load to acceptable levels.  This also leaves room for operations, backups, snapshots, and memory bursting.  So, if you’re wondering why we may be a little higher than another competitor out there, we invite you to try the VM’s side by side and run a few tests.  You’ll find the performance of our VM’s are near- bare metal and near- native performance.  We don’t believe you should have to fight for the resources you pay for.  You are protected by a risk-free 7-day Guarantee.

Select how many CPU Cores you need.

Select what priority you want your VM to run on, 0 is best effort (default) while 3 is highest priority.

Select how much memory you will need.

How much storage do you need?

THIS IS UNMETERED TRAFFIC! This is running on fiber from the edge to the wall and from the wall to Atlanta, Georgia. Keep in mind fiber gets more done than copper, if you think you need 100Mbps on other networks, you likely only need 10Mbps on ours.

Please enter a password for your login. If using Windows your username will be Administrator; if using Linux your username will be root.

If you have any other special requests, such as for Linux, installing defaults for servers, let us know here. We may honor other requests but we may bill extra for them. Changing applications that will be installed with the operating system from defaults (except where it raises our cost) is free being as it is a simple toggle.

Format: 22, 25-30, 53, 80, 443 (we will open OS Specific control ports for you so you can login)

Format: 22, 25-30, 53, 80, 443 (we will open OS Specific control ports for you so you can login)

NOTICE! Changing this option later will require a change to IP Addressing and routing as filtering does not take place on our network. Additionally, if you are DDOSed without DDOS protection we will blackhole your entire IP range in order to protect our network. Once we’ve had to null route your IP 3 times in a 3 month period, we will terminate your service if you chose not to upgrade to DDOS protection.

This includes port flooding filtering, port scanning filtering, syn flood filtering, and connection tracking flood filtering.

Adding this feature will allow our firewall to track for new connections to your OS Specific control ports (which are repeat login attempts) and then block them once a threshold of 4 is reached. Blocks become permanent once there are 6 failed attempts within 24 hours.

If you need more than 20 IP Addresses, you will need to email us a justification form after purchase.
Note, it could take up to 5 business days to provision more than 1 IP address due to a shortage of IPv4 addresses.

Our responsibility to you is to keep the server online and available for access. When we install your server it will be a minimal install (except for windows in which we will install the desktop experience). That is as far as we go in ensuring that things are running appropriately. So long as you can login to your server via SSH or Telnet, the extent of our support is exhausted. We can, however offer hourly billing for support to fix your issue at a rate of $99 per hour. If you agree to this charge, we will disable your server and then begin the repair process. Once we are done repairing your issue we will send you a bill and once it is paid, your server will be enabled for your login again. Accounts that have been with us a while and have established a positive payment history may not have their servers locked for repairs and may be billed on a standard 7 day invoice cycle.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DATA LOSS. You are responsible for backing up your server or renting multiple servers for clustering. When we experience hardware or software failure, we will give our best effort to the recovery of data, but it is not and cannot ever be guaranteed and you agree that renting this device from us, comes with no expressed or implied warranty of data integrity.



Our virtual machines are run on a dedicated 1Gbps port with Xeon CPU’s (generally 2 or more per server) that ranges from 2.40 Ghz to 3.2 Ghz.

After checkout and within 1 business day you will be emailed an IP address (or range depending on your checkout selections).  This gives us time to provision and test the installation for connectivity and continuity/integrity.   We will assume that you will know how to connect to your new VPS – everything will be default (default SSH ports and RDP ports – it’s advised that you change those asap to something non-default).


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