Industry Leading Features

Enjoy Complete Piece Of Mind With Goldsboro Networks

Low Latency

Less than 3ms latency to the backbone network! This means all of your clients, world-wide experience little latency or lag

Little Down Time

Using a multi-homed network, we are up 24/7 with less than 0.01% downtime. We gurantee 99.9% uptime!

Amazing Interface

Our control panels are open source, secure, intuitive, and easy to use! No more fumbling around for the option you need, it is just a click away!

Bold Security

Our edge firewalls and anti-DDOS protections mean you will be online more and have piece of mind.

Flexible Pricing Plans

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Every Data Solution


Starting at

1 Xeon Core
10GB Storage
100 Mbps
Includes 24/7 Support



Starting at

Customize your device
1-4 Xeon CPUs
500GB-50TB Storage
1gbps-10gbps Bandwidth
Includes 24/7 Support



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Need something else?
Local Network Planning
Local Network Install
Local Network Deployment

We provide superior data services to customers across the globe.

Excellent Network

Through our partnerships with Contingent and L3 Communications, we provide our clients with the best possible network infrastructure available for commercial use.

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We not only offer the best services, we offer the most affordable pricing around.

Managed Pricing

No matter your budget, we have a pricing plan to fit. When is the last time you heard a network provider say, “Give us a serious offer”?

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Join our affiliate program and quickly earn extra cash for each signup.

Spread The Word

All of our clients can enable their account to be an affiliate at the click of a button. At which point you are given a link you can use to sign up clients for our services. Each signup earns you a handsome commission that keeps being paid for as long as that customer retains their services.

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Completely Flexible Networking Solutions

Every Device We Support Enjoys The Full Range Of Features

Each device enjoys always-on constant power and network connectivity even during natural disasters, hurricanes. We’ve made every effort to ensure there is contingency on top of contingency to guarantee that your devices and data is always available no matter the challenges we face.

Every month we run maintenance on each device servicing your data solution and correct and fix any failures we find. We’ve made a little chart here to show you the reliability we’ve found with each of our devices from each monthly test and inspection.

Power Reuglation 99%
Interaction UPS 98%
Diesel Power Backup 96%
Climate Control 99%
Remote KVM 94%